Why compression is KING of RECOVERY!

Performance adaptions and DOMS

Performance adaptations are characterised by a period of recovery after a training stimulus. Sleep, nutrition and hydration are the most fundamental characteristics to an optimal recovery process but athletes WANT and NEED more. The desire to accelerate recovery has been explored by adopting strategies such as ice baths, massage, cryotherapy and compression garments.

As a result of training and competition athletes typically experience exercise induced muscle damage. This is followed by a delayed onset in muscle soreness (DOMS) appearing 24-48 hrs post exercise. The sensations of DOMS can last up to a week and are characterised by a loss of function, severe pain/soreness and swelling of the muscle group(s) used. These have shown to negatively impact performance and increase susceptibility to injury.

Compression During Recovery

  • Improves venous return (the rate of blood flow back to the heart)
  • Improves strength for the following training session
  • Improves range of motion
  • Reduces perceptions of pain/soreness
  • Reduces limb swelling
  • Improves clearance of blood based marks of muscle damage

The application of compression garments if applied with appropriate pressure in a graduated manor have shown to promote analgesic effects that are likely to combat the symptoms of DOMS. A number of studies have found when worn during recovery it has been reported that athletes have experienced an increase in strength, range in motion reductions in swelling and blood based markers of muscle damage. Strong evidence also indicates that athletes experiences less pain induced from exercise wearing compression garments during recovery therefore are likely to be in a ready state to compete. Compared to other accelerated recovery strategies such as ice baths, massage and cryotherapy where the applications are for short periods and potentially uncomfortable. Compression garments can be worn throughout the entire recovery period including sleep and therefore have been deemed more favourable by a number of athlete's.

This leaves the question, is compression KING of recovery? The science suggests so.

Application During Recovery

  • Apply made to measure garment (to ensure appropriate pressure and graduation) as soon as possible after exercise
  • Wear during sleep
  • Remove during susbequent exercise / training sessions
  • Repeat


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