Many studies on the effectiveness of compression agree that only if the compression garment provides gradient support of 20-30 mmHG of pressure throughout will it be really effective. For example, our own research with Progressive Sports Technologies of Loughborough University Sport Technology Institute shows that unless a compression garments is cut to precisely match the individual's measurements, the consistency and effectiveness of the compression garment is compromised.

Kurio 3D Compression garments are the only ones currently offering this level of gradient support throughout, because they are all made to measure
Correct and proper compression can promote an increase in blood flow (venous return) and stop venous pooling. Faster or more efficient blood flow can increase the removal of waste products to create a more efficient recovery mechanism - ultimately making recovery from exercise quicker, enabling sportspeople to train harder, feel better and achieve more
There is a lot of publicity about the possibly of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during long haul travel, when there is little possibility of movement. This is a very serious condition which in extreme cases can lead to death. DVT occurs when blood flows too slowly through the veins. The blood forms a clot that blocks up deep veins, usually in the legs. DVT doesn't generally have any immediate symptoms, making it difficult to spot. However, typical signs include a swollen or painful calf or thigh, paleness and increased heat around the affected area.

Compression helps to prevent swelling of ankles and the built up of fluid and this in turn helps to reduce the likelihood of DVT. Studies have concluded that airline passengers who wear compression leggings during flights of four hours or more can significantly reduce their risk of DVT as well as leg swelling (oedema). It's vital that compression leggings are measured and worn correctly. Ill-fitting leggings could further increase the risk of DVT.
Compression garments make an object smaller than its original size (in other words, squeezing). It is a simple method which if configured correctly, can to varying degrees help athletes with the following:

Improved venous return (the rate of blood flow back to the heart)
Reduced muscle oscillation (vibration)
Kinesthesia (body awareness)
Reduction in DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
Improved posture, body shape and support
Changes to blood flow
Body moisture wicking

All of which helps with faster post exercise recovery, decreased muscular fatigue and therefore physical performance improvements.
Compression garments have up to now, been sold in standard sizes – sold off the shelf – each Kurio garment is hand made to measure in the UK. A Kurio expert takes a 3D scan of you, which takes thousands of precise measurements. Each limb is measured separately because it is unlikely that they will be the same size and shape. A unique pattern is made for each customer and garment. There is a choice of 9 different stitching colours and 3 neck lines for compression tops.
There are many brands offering standard "off the shelf" compression garments in sizes small, medium and large for example - selling alongside sporting apparel. However most people do not conform to a standard size so accurate and graduated compression cannot be provided. Does everyone who is a medium size fit into a medium sized garment? Is your leg the same size as everyone else's leg?

The ONLY way to deliver graduated compression is to make the compression garment to measure for each individual, who will then derive maximum effectiveness. This is why Kurio is so different – offering Made to Measure garments tailored exactly to each customer's body measurements.
Ideally sportspeople should consider two levels of compression garment, one for exercise, and one for recovery. During exercise, some movement is needed to allow the body to exercise for extra freedom of movement without inhibiting natural venous return during the impact phase of exercise. However too much muscle oscillation can lead to muscle soreness (DOMS) which can impair performance. In this case compression in the range of 18 - 21 mmHg is desirable.

For enhanced recovery, when the body is in a semi-relaxed state, when the heart has slowed, the removal of bi-products created during exercise can be enhanced with a higher, but safe, level of compression (23 – 32 mmHg). A better venous return improves the removal of bi-products formed during exercise, such as lactic acid, and helps reduce swelling which aids recovery.
We believe yes - that's why we recommend wearing compression garments for no more than 6-8 hours after events or exercise. No research on long term wearing of the products has been carried out, although medical grade compression has been in use for many years with higher compression values than used in our products. If at any time you feel discomfort or swelling seek medical advice.
Our experts will work in collaboration with you to understand your needs for compression and to deliver the exact garment to help you succeed by taking detailed measurements and then cutting a unique pattern for your garment before hand-making it with your choice of stitching colour and neck shapes for all our tops.

Your garment will be posted direct to you within 7 working days of the order/payment in a Kurio box to keep it safe in transit.

We will retain your unique garment pattern, so that if you want to order another garment at a later date we do not need to measure you again unless you think you have changed weight or muscle definition of course.
Deceptively simple on the outside. Incredibly complex on the inside.

Our fabric suffers only a 1% loss of compression / elasticity over time versus a typical loss of 8-10% from standard fabric used in compression garments.

The use of warp knitting allows the fabric to stretch in different ways without losing either elasticity or compromising the strength of the material.

The fabric also receives a silver anti-bacterial treatment during manufacture to reduce odours and the need for regular washing.

Our fabric has been tested to achieve maximum wicking (which means drawing sweat away from the skin by capillary action) while being tested in a climate control chamber replicating a 90 min football match at 32 degrees C.

Kurio garments also looks good – in black with a choice of colour for the seam’s stitching – the garments can be worn as normal leggings and tops and unlike some compression garments they are not thin or translucent like 'ladies' tights.
Not as yet although if we get enough requests for a specific colour this may be introduced as an option. If a team of more than 25 people are ordering Totally Bespoke compression garments we may be able to produce these in a specific colour – please call us to discuss on 01623 822 223.
Yes. Please contact us on 01623 – 600658 to discuss the pricing for team/multiple purchases.
We expect all our products to last 2+ years, depending on amount of time worn per week and the amount of wear they are subject to.
Not unless you have gained or lost weight, or changed shape due to exercise which may have changed your muscle definition for example. We retain your unique patterns so if you need to order more product and are the same size and shape you can order without taking more measurements.
All our garments carry a one-year warranty against manufacturer's fault. We request that you contact us to arrange the return of any faulty garment. We will on inspection either offer you a replacement product or a discounted product if found not to be faulty.
Detailed washing instructions are posted out with our garments which should be hand washed in warm water (maximum 40°C) with NO detergent or fabric softener which may otherwise affect the antibacterial treatment.

They should be left to dry naturally (NO tumble drying) and should be dry with 2 hours.
Yes, we hand make everything in our factory in Mansfield. Once your unique pattern is created, our expert team stitch your garments.

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