Compresson Wear designed and crafted for everyone

John Walker - wearing his Kurio compression wear
Compression wear for para-athletes

We are not afraid to challenge the generally accepted design and construction standards, our products are unique and exceptional.

We make customised compression wear to fit you.

Living with disabilities no longer has to be a barrier to competitive involvement in sport. The London 2012 Paralympic Games was proof of that.

At Kurio we know that everyone is unique and have worked with para-athletes to produce effective compression wear for them.

Our experience helps us to tailor our garments to meet the challenges you experience. We make our products to fit you rather than trying to make you fit into our product.

Every day we strive to meet and exceed our customer's highest expectations and work with you to help you recover faster and achieve more.

Whether you are a world class athlete competing in the Paralympics and big city marathons or a recreational athlete keeping fit and having fun. Our aim is to inspire participation by creating compression garments that are suitable for every individual and every team, helping them to win at their discipline.

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