Kurio 3D Compression Wear

Kurio 3D is the ultimate in compression wear.

What makes Kurio 3D so different?

3D Scan to capture your precise measurements

Each limb is measured and made individually

Delivers precise graduated compression

Customised for your shape, sport and requirements

Handmade in the UK

Technologically advanced fabric

For athletes and para-athletes

3 Compression levels for recovery, performance and travel

Promotes faster recovery time and improves performance

Sizing - Made to Measure

3D Scan of Legs

First, we take a 3D scan which takes thousands of measurements to ensure the fit is perfect.

Each limb is measured, as athletes are often asymmertrical. Your unique pattern is then produced.

Where required for specific sports or for para-athletes each garment is customised further to your requirements.

Then our experienced team handmake each item, this ensures the perfect fit and accurate graduated compression for you.

All garments are handmade at our premises in the heart of Sherwood Forest near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

Features & Benefits

  • For athletes and para-athletes

    Designed for

    Athletes and Para-Athletes

  • Antibacterial fabric

    Antibacterial Fabric

    Treated to reduce odours and eliminate need for frequent washing

  • 3D Scanning for accurate measurements

    3D Scanning

    Our 3D scan takes thousands of precise measures to create the perfect fit

  • Retains shape and elasticity


    Durable garments that retain their shape and elasticity

  • Made to measure to fit you

    Made to Measure

    Each garment is made to measure to fit you precisely

  • Comfortable, lightweight strong fabric


    Comfortable lightweight technologically advanced strong fabric

  • Graduated compression

    Graduated Compression

    Customised graduated compression, delivering precise compression where you need it.

  • Wicks away moisture

    Moisture Wicking

    Wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable

  • Improves blood flow

    Improved Blood Flow

    Improves blood flow back to the heart to help improve stamina, speed and recovery

  • UV Protection

    UV Protection

    Provides UV protection

  • Reduces muscle soreness

    Muscle Soreness

    Reduces muscle soreness (DOMs)

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