Delivering precise graduated compression

Proven to improve performance and recovery
Handmade to fit you.

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Why Choose Kurio?

Our garments have been developed, refined and perfected by scientists following research with leading British Universities. Our precision garments facilitate graduated compression for all athletes, delivering effetive compression levels tailored to each individuals unique body shape.

We use our experience and knowledge, gained from working with a wide range of elite athletes from all sports, to help you reach your potential and achieve your personal goals. We continually seek the most up to date technologies and ideas and are always looking to help you to enhance and transform your performance and recovery.

3D Scanning

Precise measuring using 3D scanners

Precise patterns

Your scans are then used to create your unique patterns


Everything is then handmade by our experts

Sizing - Made to Measure

All our garments are made to measure to precisely fit you, they are customised for your size, shape and sport, to deliver the correct graduated compression for you, your sport and your requirements. Many benefit claims for standard size off the shelf garments are inconclusive, as most people do not conform to a standard size so accurate graduated compression cannot be provided.

Precise measurements are key to producing garments that deliver the correct compression levels, so we use a 3D scanner that takes up to 50,000 measurements, accurate to within half a millimetre.

No one is symmetrical and sports people in particular may be very asummetrical which is why we measure and produce patterns for each limb. Every garment is then handmade in the UK by our expert team.


Our fabric is deceptively simple on the outside and incredibly complex on the inside. Following our research with Nottingham Trent University we have developed our own fabric to meet our exacting requirements.

Using the latest developments in technology to take full advantage of the compressing effects the fabric is strong yet still lightweight and maintains optimum compression for longer. It stretches in different directions without losing its elasticity or compromising the strength of the material, allows for moisture wicking and has an anti-bacterial coating to reduce odours.

Features & Benefits


We take up to 50,000 measurements to create your unique pattern, each limb is measured.


We then create your unique pattern and customise the compression levels to meet your requirements


Each garment is then handmade by our expert team


Reduces feelings of muscle soreness (DOMs) and risk of injury


Designed to increase blood flow, reduce blood pooling and improve oxygenation


Delivers precise graduated compression for you and your shape.


Our research and experience ensures your garments work for you.


Lightweight, durable, comfortable fabric developed to meet our exacting requirements.


We listen to your experiences and create garments suited to you, designed to deliver the correct graduated compression for you.

3 Levels of Compression

Our leggings are available in three levels of compression - recovery, performance and travel.
Reduce post exercise recovery time
Reduces recovery time and muscle soreness
Improve stamina and performance
Improves performance and reduces risk of injury
Reduce long distance travel fatigue
Reduces long distance travel fatigue